Monday, September 5, 2016

Springerville | Arizona

These cute little vintage trailers were found in a small town in Eastern Arizona.  I was staying in St Johns but took a day trip down to Springerville where they have a little antique flea market.

This next picture shows a cooler in the shape of an old Airstream.

The town had a little museum of old homes and buildings that have been reconstructed.

Nearby was an area called Casa Malpais, which means home in the badlands.  It was an area that had volcanic activity centuries ago and was used by Pueblo people.  A tour guide gave a history of the area and the people who lived and farmed here.  Remains of their homes are spread out in the field.  Some areas have not been excavated, since the archaeologists found enough to tell them about the area.

Since the area is locked and admittance is by tour only, they have left pottery sherds.  Complete and partially reconstructed pots could be seen in the museum.

There are petroglyphs in the area and this one shows the summer solstice. At high noon the shadow would cut straight through that large middle petroglyph that looks like curlicues.

The town where I was camped is called St Johns.  It was a small town and the grocery store and Ace Hardware were in the same building.  I thought it was interesting that they put lawn mowers and other equipment right in the aisle to get to the food.  It was a good place to stay for a long holiday weekend, no crowds!  As a bonus, I did lots of cleaning on the truck and the RV, and now I feel lots better about everything!

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