Monday, March 16, 2015

Quirky Quartzsite, Arizona


Now that I've been in Quartzsite a few days, I have had time to do a little exploring. I have found that it's a quirky little town, as evidenced by some of the signs around town.
I got here mid-March and RV season is almost over. Actually, the town has really cleared out, which is good because I didn't want to be in a mob scene with lots of traffic. Rvers come here from all over, especially Canada. Some of them set up shop and there are numerous places where they can rent spots with hookups and have their little flea markets. About this time of year, people leave and the town shrinks dramatically in population. Summer is hot here and there are about 3600 permanent residents then. Some people close their shops until the next winter. 
The town has multiple RV shops, some are mobile fix-it people who come to your location. They do a great business in the winter as do the people who sell solar systems. 

Since there is a good amount of BLM land here, a great many Rvers set up residence in the desert for the season. You can buy a pass at the Long Term Visitor Area for $180 for 6 months, or $40 for 2 weeks. Those are the areas that have some type of facilities, such as rest rooms, trash pickup, etc. There are no hookups available. Other BLM areas are free, but there's a limit of 14 days. Then you're supposed to move at least 25 miles away, although I've been told that most times no one checks on the time you've been at a spot. 
Because there are so many large RVs here in the winter, there are a few places that offer towing, and they have the big rigs that can handle any size RV.
There is one area that sells reverse osmosis water and deep well water, as well as an RV wash and propane fills. This sign was on a building around the corner, but I think they're out of business at least in this location......
And, of course, they have numerous restaurants. There is one in town that I need to visit before I leave - a Yacht Club in the desert!

I do believe this is a town with a sense of humor. I have not been to the used/trade bookstore yet, but I hear the man who runs it is quite the character and runs the store wearing the least amount of clothing he can legally get away with. I have been told that he plays piano brilliantly and does volunteer work for the town, as well as being a well-read individual. 
They even have a park set aside for those who want to fly model planes. I saw a disc course as well as a skateboard park and a regular town park. Not bad for a little town with a small population.  And the Laundromat actually has better wifi than the library!


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