Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Street Musicians

New Orleans is home to all sorts of musicians.  Some play near the park and on various streets in the French Quarter, with all sorts of instruments.

One group playing early one morning near Jackson Park really impressed me. This group was playing a jazzed-up version of a Michael Jackson song and had quite a crowd gathered, as early as it was. I stood and watched them for a while - the keyboard player looked like he was playing with his eyes closed, his head keeping the beat from side to side, with a large smile on his face. 

Each of the of the musicians had long dreadlocks or braids and were very talented, it seemed like they had been playing together for quite some time, since they sounded so good. I think this group has the talent to go far. They're in the right place to start out, since New Orleans seems to cultivate musicians.

Check them out at www.NEOJAZZ.NET - they're called The Yisrael Trio. They also have a Facebook page, which I haven't looked at since I have very limited internet at this time

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