Thursday, July 20, 2017

Eagle Nest State Park | New Mexico

Mornings are pretty here and I have been out taking hikes in different areas of the lake.

This is a white pelican and he has black on his wings that you only see when he's flying.  I have made several attempts to get a good photo of these, but they can see me coming a mile away!

Even though it's nice and warm here, there is still snow on the mountains.  We're up at almost 8000', so that's much higher.

These little prairie dogs are so cute and it's hard to get them to pose.

The town of Eagle Nest is small and rustic.


I love these guest cottages.

A place called Eagle Nest must have a metal sculpture of an eagle!
 I was in the gas station store and saw a customer looking at these, so I just had to get a photo of them.  The New Mexico people just love their chiles and it's on every menu in the state.  I'm not sure about it in candy though......


This little guy lives in my back yard.  The camp host said he was a chipmunk.  I guess they have different markings in different places.

And my campsite!


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cimarron | New Mexico

I set out for a day trip to a nearby town, but before I left Eagle Nest, I saw some of these critters in a field and stopped to take photos.  Cute little guys, I think they may be alpaca.

This was my view as I was leaving town.
The weather was perfect for a drive, and the scenery was gorgeous.  This little river followed me, sometimes on one side of the road or the other, sometimes it seemed like both. 
My truck gives an idea of how massive this rock mountain is. 

My destination was Cimarron, an old town that was booming in the late 1800s. 

This old, well-kept building is for sale, and as you can tell from the sign below, they sold just about everything back in the day........

The old soda fountain is still in operation, although they didn't serve food, except for ice cream and other treats - the good stuff!

The art gallery has some nice items and the owner was showing me some photos of the building when they bought it.  It has been an amazing transformation, it's a beautiful building.

The mechanic shop is not used any longer, but I love the gas prices!

Lots of interesting buildings that are not being used.

I have no idea how good these burritos are, but it was a cute set-up.

My neighbor at the campground told me I had to stop at this hotel.  It was built in the 1870s and still has most of the old feeling.

The entryway shows this scene, complete with bison head.  The second photo shows the rest of the room.

Down the hall, there are many rooms that were labeled.  Since Jesse is pretty well-known, I decided to show this one.

The door just happened to be slightly open, so I kind of pushed on it and this was the scene.

More famous names are shown below and were regulars at this establishment.

Stairway to the second floor.  I never saw an elevator, but this was probably the "tourist" section of the building.

The saloon is now a restaurant and, like many establishments in the southwest, there are bullet holes in the ceiling as you can see from the second photo.

I wandered over to The Old Mill, which was closed.  I did take a few photos. 

On the way home I stopped at this gate with it's "No Trespassing" sign.  I had seen a few of them on the way.  I understand they don't want us to trespass, but what I don't understand is why they gave us a convenient little stairway that goes over the fence to give us an easy entry.  It's on the right of the photo, and looks to be sturdy enough.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Heron Lake State Park | New Mexico


Ospreys are in the southwest as well as places like Florida -  I was surprised to find them here.  I found a nest that I was able to photograph, after waiting patiently.

She then "flew the coop" after staring at me intently, wishing I would go away.   

The Rio Chama runs through part of the park, and this is the great view from the trailhead.  Easy going down, but coming up is strenuous.

I love this little island, which at one time was a peninsula when the water level was very low.  It has come up quite a bit since I was here 3 years ago.

The reservoir is quite large, with rocky shoreline as well as sand in different areas.

A marina for small boats is available for those who want to leave a boat in the water, or stay overnight on the dock.  A dry storage area is available also.

The Heron Dam is not spectacular looking, but some of us campers got a little tour, with lots of specifications and details.  The machine shown below tracks the lake level each hour.

We didn't get to see inside this control panel, but the look of it from the outside is intimidating enough!

This ladder goes down 275 feet to the guts of the dam, but we didn't get to go down - probably a good thing, because we had a large group.

 My campsite is huge, with steps leading down to a backyard and firepit as well as a large table off to the side under some large shade trees. 

My shade trees are quite picturesque.