Monday, February 27, 2017

The Estuary | San Carlos | Mexico

This sunset photo is on the other side of town from the estuary in San Carlos so it really has nothing to do with this post, but it sure is pretty. 

This vulture was at the estuary and he just sat there watching me approach.  Not very pretty birds, but they do clean up the area.

Small boats like this have lots of history in the area, this one has probably been used by fishermen for many years.  The photo below shows what I think is a homemade anchor made of rebar.

The old boat ramp to make it easier to get boats into the water, and possibly to get the day's catch onto land.

There were piles of these plastic crates in the area.  Some had not been in the water, but others were covered in seaweed and other aquatic plant life and then set in the sun to dry out, as shown in the second photo below.  They could have held shellfish kept in the water so they would be fresh for sale in the area.

A cute little building held some old supplies.

The entire area is protected and we are warned not to leave trash here and not to harm plants or trees in the area.  The shore is lined with mangroves, which are also protected in the states.
This next photo has nothing to do with the estuary, but a friend of mine moved her RV into a new area and the next lot had this cotton tree growing quite well.  It's the only cotton I've seen growing in Mexico.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

La Manga | San Carlos | Sonora | Mexico

La Manga is a small fishing village just outside of San Carlos, Mexico. They fish from small boats, no huge fishing vessels in this neighborhood. 
There are quite a few restaurants in the village,  and of course, they have mostly seafood. 


Numerous piles of fishing nets were on the beach.


Of course, the sea birds were swarming all over, hoping to catch a stray fish.

There is nothing fancy about this area, there are about 3 of these windmills used to pump water.

Laundry day starts early in the morning.  This batch was on the fence before 10 AM. 

They have their own branch of Alcoholics Anonymous, and it looks like it just had a paint job.

I met this man outside a little store.  He posed for a picture and then indicated that I could have a ride on the horse if I wanted.  I declined, but thanked him and shook his hand, then he took off down the road. 

These shark jaws, complete with teeth are hanging outside the little store in the photo above.

Old RVs and trailers of all types come here as homes for some of the residents.

I'm not sure why this is here, although someone may have lived in it at one time.  It has been parked here for a while, judging by the look of the tires on the trailer.

This is one of the more interesting homes in the area, I think I'm intrigued by the license plates.

As I was leaving the area, I passed this gate.  I know they are building either condos or homes down that road.  The entire road to La Manga is lined on the sea side with condos and fancy homes.   I'm wondering how long before the residents of this little community are displaced by "progress".