Monday, February 29, 2016

Ceramics - Final Projects

Since my time in San Carlos will be coming to an end in a few weeks, I have finished my projects for this season.  My little lizard above is about 5 inches long and he gets to hang around inside my RV with some of my other projects.
This is an Indian pueblo scene, about 5 inches wide.  Pueblos are mostly brown in color, but I chose to make this one more colorful.

Above are two magnets, the larger one is about 2 inches tall the other is a bit smaller.  The tile is just about 4 inches square.  The photo below shows a soap dispenser done with a glaze that has a blue base but has chunky pieces in it that melt in the kiln and turn into different colors.  Those glazes come in all colors and they're fun to use - I like to see how they come out after being fired.

Since I will be moving around this summer in my RV, I will be packing up my little treasures each time I move so they will all stay intact.  If I had been living in a house, I would have done larger projects, but these will be a great reminder of our ceramics group and the fun we had while doing these projects.
The show and sale is coming up next week and there are some amazing pieces that will be on display.  I will be there, taking photos, as usual.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

San Carlos Scenery

One day I took a drive up on a hill to a neighborhood called the Caracol, which is Spanish for snail.  The road in this exclusive neighborhood winds around the hill and back down again and is very steep - thank goodness there is no snow here!

This is the view of part of the town and the Sea of Cortez.

The main marina in town - always lots of boats here.

The beach here has sand, but also rocks (these are just pebbles) along the high tide line that are washed up on shore.  Most of them are worn smooth by interaction with the sea and sand over time, like rocks in a tumbler.  I just picked a few to show what amazing patterns and colors that we find here.  I just love pretty rocks - and these are great, totally different from ones I've collected in other places.

I just happened to be at the marina when this drove in to launch a boat!  I have been finding this type of truck rusting away in the desert in Arizona.  Mexicans fix things to work for a LONG time!
This little guy below is the reason I have to keep refilling my birdfeeder.   Not only does he drink lots of it, but he spills quite a bit because he's so heavy!

This anchor is great, probably weighs a ton. 
Another wonderful sunset, although this one didn't turn the sky red and reflect red off the water.   


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bazaar - Rescate Benefit in San Carlos, Mexico

San Carlos has an ambulance service that runs strictly on donations and income derived from their thrift shop, Rescate Treasures.  Yesterday there was a bazaar with a silent auction, food, art work and all sorts of treasures available for purchase. 

Stained glass done by a local artist, and below, painted rocks, decorated coconuts and other goodies.

Mexican creations are always colorful as you can see in the first photo above, as well as the following.

I think it's mandatory that every visitor must purchase one of these colorful blankets, available in multiple styles and colors.

Baskets of all kinds, colors and designs are available from purse size to laundry basket size.  And hats and hammocks, too!

The event was well-attended and the weather was great, as usual.  The photo below was not yesterday's sunset, but one in the recent past.   Sunsets here are an event and usually colorful.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Trash in San Carlos, Mexico

Usually I have pretty pictures on my blogs, but this is not a pretty subject, so this picture isn't either.  A friend and I were talking about trash that has gathered in places near the beaches in our area.  We decided to do some trash pick-ups and invite other friends to join in.  We made a difference, but it wasn't enough of a difference.  As a result, my friend made up a Facebook page and invited other people in the area to join us to help make San Carlos a cleaner place. 

As a result, we have been having people join us in our effort to beautify an already beautiful place.  A few people who live on their sailboats in the marina joined us, as well as some who live in RVs.  Hopefully, in the coming weeks, we will have even more people join us and make more of a difference.  As a bonus, we get to meet more people and have fun while doing something that isn't that much fun.  The photo below shows the area in the first photo above after we got done with that section.

Below, you can see how much we picked up that day, in about 1 1/2 hours with everyone helping.  It was satisfying to see clean areas where there had previously been trash piles. 


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Carnaval! Guaymas, Mexico - Part 2

Part 2 of the Guaymas Carnaval, since there was so much to see.  We had a great time.




After the Carnaval - rides!  Our group didn't get on any, since we were searching for food at that point.  OK, so we didn't want to go on them either!


Great afternoon fun! 

Monday, February 8, 2016

CARNAVAL!! Guaymas, Mexico

Carnaval is colorful costumes, floats, loud music, dancing, confetti and streamers tossed through the air, as well as wrapped candies.  Check out the fun we had yesterday at the parade.






Tomorrow - more photos!